...Even if you only have a few thousand dollars to trade with.
Do you have a strong desire to become a professional part time or full-time trader but don't know where to start? 

Would you like to become a self sufficient trader who NEVER has to rely on anyone or another service again? 

Are you having trouble on where to enter and exit your trades? Are you spending all day scanning for opportunities? Are you an emotional trader struggling with confidence and finding the right trading strategies to use? Are you looking for a mentor who can take you to the next level?

I asked traders on all skill levels what they wanted from a service/mentor than developed a program for traders by traders! A service where value exceeds price, priority support with an expert behind the wheel with a 70%+ win rate, and strategies easy to understand with concise entry and exit points fully explained that conquer the market and have made my members tens of thousands!

whether you work full-time, part-time, attending college, or simply looking to learn how to establish a supplemental income to offset your daily expenses through the excitement of the stock market, my new self sufficient day/swing trading program offers a complete arsenal of tools to make you a successful trader!

Imagine, how you can acquire everything you need to upgrade your trading to the next level.

Wake up to a pre market watch list preparing you to trade the best setups before the market even opens. 

Learn to take on the market with scans, price alerts, and identify the most attractive opportunities before the bell!

The key in making money is preparing yourself and staying ahead of the crowd, take advantage of this NEW feature in my wealth program to get a jump on the trading day.

This is the next step to success in my service. I will answer questions & concerns you may have  
putting you on the right track to take on the market. 

All members will have the ability to view my scanners, charts, & portfolio and hear my live commentary. 

This software I use is no ordinary scanning software, It's a weapon to my arsenal of trading tools I use as a catalyst to analyze every possible money making opportunity.

The best scanning software is trade ideas which cost me $1.888/yearly as a member of my service you can view every single scanner I use real-time via screen share, that way you'll never have to pay for scanning software again! 

I will give members commentary on stocks giving explanation on my entries and exits, a "behind the  
scenes" backstage pass where you can watch everything I do! 

Included also is my live chat room where your learning curve will dramatically be reduced with my help and the input of attending traders. 

Do not take the journey alone, it's very difficult to take notice of your own mistakes as your mentor "ask me", I'll take a look and remove the hurdle and come up with a fitting solution.

I'm present in the live trading webinar from 9:15am - 11:00am 80% of my trades are made in the morning, I prefer to trade mainly in the morning because it's the most volatile time to trade during the day giving you an opportunity to make 20 - 50% returns within minutes. The other  20% of my trades are made during power hour from 3:00pm - 4:00pm these are mainly swing trades. 

When I'm not in the live trading webinar you can reach out to me via email or direct message if you have any questions, I will also leave the chatroom open for you to view my custom filtered scanners and network with other traders. 
  • You'll be alerted in real-time every-time I enter/exit a stock, Each alert includes the following: 
  •  Stock Symbol: 
  •  Type: Bought/Sold or Shorted/Covered
  •  Price Target: Goal to close my position. 
  •  Risk/Reward Ratio: a formula used to measure the expected gains of a given investment against the risk of loss, We always aim for above a 3:1
  •  Stop Loss: a specified price in order to limit a loss.
  •  Know the WHY: Every time I enter or exit a stock you'll receive an explanation on why.

Let's back track on some of the trades executed during the present week and evaluate the WHY FACTOR discovering what we did right and wrong on a particular trade(s).

 This is an important element of my service, taking the time & rewind the week to identify your strengths & weaknesses and how to progress in the coming weeks.

 I have seen massive improvements in many of my members who have put the time and effort into working and studying hard to excel, do not jump in and gamble and expect positive results - work to win!

As a huge bonus I've decided to add my library of learning videos, where at your own leisure you will have instant access to all of my GAP STRATEGIES, these strategies have an extremely high win rate and have conquered any and all other strategies I've experimented with in the 8+ years of my trading journey. 

All elements I use to profit from the market are stored right here, an enormous benefit to all members to learn, feel more comfortable and profit from market opportunities.
Not able to attend the live trading webinars? Not a problem, each webinar is recorded and will be stored in the vault for you to watch anytime.
This is the final leg of my watch lists. Here I'll prepare you for the following trading day which is paramount in identifying the most attractive market gainers and hottest stocks.


Through feedback I receive from traders every week it seems they have stressed a major concern in the lack of support from services in the trading industry. 

Many of my members who filled out a survey had stated there experience with other services were failing to respond to numerous emails on issues that need to be addressed, for this reason I've decided to implement a dedicated email account strictly for members of my new DAY & SWING TRADING PROGRAM.

 I will make every attempt to answer all questions within a 24 hour time frame. ALL I ask is to use this service within reason with relevant & meaningful questions.

» Learn the 3 step process How to Identify, Find, and trade the best setups. The process Will uses on a daily basis and used to make a 400% ROI in 2016
» Learn how to effectively time your trades
» Learn how to successfully maximize your trading returns

» Learn my unique trading strategies & how they make my students 20% -50% on many single trades

» Learn how to predict the low and high of day using my gap close reversal strategy

» We will show you our techniques on building the most accurate in watchlist in the industry.

» We will teach you how to execute trades from our watchlist

» We will help you make the transition to the 10% mindset that succeed in trading

» What are the best brokerage accounts to use, how you can save hundreds to thousands of fees

» The best brokers to use for short selling with a small account or big account.

» Learn the step by step process on how to use my Gap Breakout Strategy, which is known for being the best breakout to buy with returns as big as 200% the same day. 

» Learn the 4 core strategies Will uses on a daily basis, Gap Fill Strategy, Gap Close & Go, Gap Close Reversals, and the Gap Breakout. 

» The best way to track your trades, so you can identify what strategy is working best for you. 

» The best free and paid tools to use,  We will show you best brokers, platforms, scanners, paper trading software, trading journal, and charts to use

» How to build confidence and eliminate fear

» Learn how & why we executed each trade

» Learn all of my swing trading strategies. 

» How to predict the first red day of a stock using my swing trading strategy. 

» The curriculum listed above will shave years off your learning curve

This Is a Limited Opportunity 
Let me explain.

About four months ago, I launched a similar program about teaching people how to trade.

As promised, I closed the program and stopped accepting students after a short amount of time. 

With my new Day & Swing trading program, you should expect the same thing to happen; This group will be closed before you know it.

So don't delay when it comes to making a decision.

If this happens to shut down, don't freak out... you'll be placed on a waiting list and we'll announce when we re-open this program. 

We're currently having a 57% off yearly discount, if you end up on the waiting list this limited time sale may no longer exist so if you enjoy saving money I highly recommend you sign up for the yearly plan as you're reading this. 

Now, here's what will happen if you manage to make it in on time...

To start, you'll have your very own private login and password for the training. This will allow you to access the program from anywhere, even if you only have a mobile device.

The program is designed to go at your own pace.

Yes, many traders expected to pay $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000+ for an entire year of all the benefits listed below.
Absolutely, positively the best value you'll find anywhere with a mentor who holds a 70% win rate! A program which was built with help from traders for traders. You're just a click away from changing your trading career, take the plunge now everything's in place for your success!

  • ✔️ Live Trading Webinar With Chatroom Access
  •      ✔️ Custom Filtered Live Streaming Stock Scanners
  •                                ✔️ Real time Email, SMS, & Push Alerts                                                    
  • ✔️ Pre Market Stock Watchlist                                      
  • ✔️ Nightly Stock Watchlist                                              
  • ✔️ Webinar Archive Vault                                               
  • ✔️ Education Suite                                                               
  • ✔️ Premier Support                                                             
  •                      ✔️ 2 - 5 Video Lessons Per Week                                                     
  •  ✔️ Live Trading Webinar With Chatroom Access
  •       ✔️ Custom Filtered Live Streaming Stock Scanners
  •                                 ✔️ Real time Email, SMS, & Push Alerts                                                   
  •  ✔️ Pre Market Stock Watchlist                                      
  •   ✔️ Nightly Stock Watchlist                                               
  •  ✔️ Webinar Archive Vault                                                
  •  ✔️ Education Suite                                                               
  • ✔️ Premier Support                                                            
  •                                 ✔️ 2 - 5  Video Lessons Per Week                                                               
How much money do I need to start growing a small account?

I recommend starting with $2,000-$3,000 but what matters the most is acquiring the knowledge before you even start trading with real money which is why I will be showing you the best free and paid paper trading software. 

Why do you close the program?

My goal is to have the highest student success rate in the industry, Which requires me to focus on one small group of students at a time and answer all of there questions. 

Will it actually work for me?

I structured this program in a way that it can’t fail you.
And when it does work for you your profits will end up paying for your initial purchase for this program.

The catch is you must be willing to do the work, study the material, ask questions, and stay open minded in the program you’re going to learn a lot of new strategies and it will disrupt your normal way of thinking.
But as long as you pace yourself through the program it can’t fail you.

Will this program work for part-time traders?


I structured the program to assure part-time traders who’re willing to work hard will be successful. If you are unable to attend our daily routine you will have the opportunity to watch our “Daily Recap Videos” which is a recap of the best education the market has given us for the day. 

These will range from 10 minutes - 30 minutes and you'll receive 2-5 of these lessons every week. Make it a priority to watch any video you missed, direct any questions to me in the private chatroom. If you can’t attend the live trading webinars you can re watch the recording but it’s best for as many as you possibly can.

How many trades do you make per week?


3 - 7 day trades.

1 - 3 swing trades. 

Keep in mind we will only be trading the best setups that offer 20 - 50% returns in a short period of time.